We have a large fleet of Euro 6 Scania, MAN, & Mercedes Benz vehicles, all equipped with Off-Loading Cranes. All vehicles and Cranes vary in sizes to suit almost any job. We have 1 Articulated vehicle with an 82t crane & 33ft extenable trailer with rear steer which can be extended to 45ft.. Draw Bars from 45t to 82t Cranes including 5 with front stabilizers for lifting over the front of the cab and 1 short wheel based vehicle for getting into the tighter spaces.

We are constantly updating our fleet to keep up to date with ever changing UK restirctions & Green Air Zones. We now have over 90% of the fleet running Euro 6 engines & aim to get this up to 100% in the very near future.

Click on the links below to see pictures of the trucks in action & all lifting specifications including duty charts. For any more information on the fleet please get in touch.